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God of my Salvation

June 11th, 2018

God of my salvation… Psalm 51:14

Our God delivers us from sin, from the guilt associated with it, from the dominion of its power, and from the stain of it. Matthew Henry wrote: “The salvation he is the God of is salvation from sin.”

David’s prayer in Psalm 51 was following his sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the abandoning of her husband to death in battle. After the confrontation of the prophet Nathan, and his repentance and God’s forgiveness and restoration, a new understanding of salvation was his. Salvation was not something that he hoped for one day, but something that he experienced in his life at that time.

Salvation is not merely forgiveness. No matter how greatly we long for our sins to be forgiven, for God to be merciful to us, salvation must mean much more. It is the rejuvenation of our soul and spirit, it is God putting back the pieces of our life that lust, pride, and sin had destroyed. But this is who God is, this is why Christ came, so that the effects of sin would be turned back in our lives, so that life would come, and we could live again in His pleasure.

Salvation is personal. No man was ever truly saved in his own estimation merely by the mechanical and impersonal spreading about of the grace of God. Grace must not only have a face, but it must be one that looks at the sinner and accepts him again. Oswald Chambers wrote:

The questions that matter in life are remarkably few, and they are all answered by the words — “Come unto Me.” Not — “Do this, or don’t do that”; but — “Come unto Me.”

We are personable beings, and our soul longs for God and His acceptance of us,. If we do not experience it, we will chase after acceptance by someone or something else, and this leads us back into sin. The victory of the power of sin can only dwell in the human soul who is confident of God’s acceptance. Whenever the cross of Christ is preached it must be complimented by the Christ of the cross, and it is incomplete until the Word and the Spirit impress upon our hearts that God will look at us again and smile upon us.

We cannot read these words of David without recalling the time that David failed his son Absalom, and let him return to Jerusalem but for two years did not see his face. Those two years caused the soul of Absalom to harden against his father, and we are wondering how differently history would have read had David been more gracious.

Is God such a Father to us? No, thank God! “Come unto Me,” Christ says to us today by His Spirit. We come to Him in our hearts in prayer and repentance, and He assures us of forgiveness. We see His face again, as we lie prostrate before Him.

The world does not understand grace. It dwells in the land of Vengeance and Retribution, of Anger and Getting Even. But those of us who know Christ, know Him also as the God of our Salvation.  Come to Christ and He will meet the inner desires of your soul.

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Healing the Foundation of Who We Are

June 1st, 2018

Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close. (Psalm 27:10 NLT)

David was facing personal attacks when he wrote this psalm. Wicked people had advanced against him and he was revived through worship. He wrote:

One thing have I asked of the LORD,
that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
and to inquire in his temple. (Psalm 27:4 ESV)

The worship of God restores us to ourselves. It begins by restoring us to God our Creator and then the inner healing of our soul begins.

But David did not stop there. He mentioned also that his mother and father had forsaken him. This is information that the Bible does not supply. We know that David was the youngest and was considered as least significant among his brothers. When Samuel came his father Jesse’s house to anoint the next king, David was left tending the sheep and had to be sent for. He was called “the youngest” by his father (1 Sam. 16:11), but that word also meant “the least important.” His brothers were also quick to criticize him (1 Sam. 17:28).

Parental neglect and sibling abuse, especially when experienced in childhood, are a combination that severely impacts people. It causes deep personal wounds, and researchers say that it leaves people with “an impaired sense of self.” This means that they don’t feel like a whole person. They tend to seek their identity through what others say about them, and they cannot hold to a consistent path in life. Was David like this? Many people are, sadly, deeply wounded in their own souls. Their foundation of who they are has been damaged.

In truth, this was more impacting to David’s peace of mind than his enemies were. What happens to us as children stays with us for a life time. The healing of God needed to not merely deal with the outward circumstances, but the inward condition of his heart. This is one of the reasons, I believe, that David wrote so many psalms. God inspired him to do it, but they also ministered to his own heart.

Only by meditating on the love of God are deep wounds of our souls healed. What wounds do you carry? The best way to handle these is not to deny them, but to rather admit them, to process them, as David did here, and then to choose forgiveness. We cannot really forgive someone until we have identified that they have done something wrong against us.

After remembering and claiming forgiveness – which can be quite a lengthy process in itself – then we are prepared to let God minister to our souls. We need to know who we are in Christ. The Bible repeatedly tells us that as believers in Christ we are members of God’s family. Let this reality build you up. And the hurts in your soul can be healed by God.