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The Sting of Betrayal

June 9th, 2009

Even my friend in whom I trusted, one who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me. But You, LORD, be gracious to me and raise me up …

Psalm 41:9-10


Betrayals are facts of life, as unfortunate as that may be. We will not live long before we feel the sting of a friend or of friends, people whom we had trusted and with whom we had shared life, turning against us. What are we to do, to think, to feel, and to pray in these times?


David’s words resonate within us, and his example should inspire us as well. When people forsake and betray us we can turn to God in prayer and find the comfort of His faithful love and compassion for us.


Yet a larger picture looms from these words as well, that the rejection David referred to was of himself as God’s anointed king. It foreshadowed the rejection of Christ who was crucified by those He came to save. And it goes to the point of those in our lives who would tear us down and weaken our faith in the anointing of God that every Christian receives. Because genuine spiritual transformation for people saved by grace takes as long as it does, because even devout Christians still contend with their own sinful nature, this means that even in church we can experience betrayals, rejections, and discouragements.


These are the times we need to turn to God in prayer, letting Him assure us that the good work He began in us at salvation He will carry on within us to perfection. As painful as the moment of betrayal is, it teaches us to depend more deeply upon God, and to search our hearts for confession and repentance when we acted toward others in a similar spirit. We are called to press on to forgiveness of others, to overcome evil with goodness, to search for the deeper experience of God’s limitless supply of grace and peace.




Lord, when we feel the sting of betrayals, let us look to You who is ever faithful, and find that Your grace is sufficient. Amen.



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