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Purchasing from God

August 23rd, 2009

I counsel you to buy from me gold tried in the fire so you can become rich…

Revelation 3:18


What can I spend to purchase anything from God? What currency could you use that would transfer to heaven’s vault? Only one: faith. Only through believing in the promises of God can I gain anything from heaven, but faith based upon His promises and His Person is sufficient.


Faith means that I trust what God has said because I trust God. We use such prepositions as “in” or “of” to help clarify these matters, I trust in God, for example, but the central matter is that I trust Him. This faith means that I come to the end of myself and put aside confidence in myself. Often we confuse these matters, that we might think deserved confidence in our self is essential to impress God, but we can only be confident in Him.


The Laodiceans made this mistake of feeling that they had arrived, that they were wealthy apart from God and impressive in their own right. God said that they were actually poor and pitiful. They represent a common problem in the world through all ages: the pursuit of worldly wealth to the neglect of the true spiritual riches of God’s grace and wisdom. The realization of our spiritual poverty is the first step to entering into a life of blessedness and wholeness in Christ.


Come through faith to Christ today. Accept the gift of eternal life offered in God’s grace. Lay aside all pretense and self pride and humbly believe the promises of God. Purchase from God through faith His gold that has been tried through the fire of eternity and you will find yourself being blessed with the true riches of God’s grace.




Lord, we come to You empty of our boastings and worldly achievements. We come to You through Your invitation of grace through Christ, and through our faith. Nothing in our hands we bring, simply to Thy cross we cling. Amen.



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