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Comfort My People

February 8th, 2010

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God…

Isaiah 40:1


The world increases our tension and discomfort. The Lord, if we walk with Him in unbroken fellowship, increases our inner peace.


The prophet Isaiah received a message from God to deliver to His people. The issue of ownership is important here for it was specifically God’s people who were to receive the comfort He offered. We belong to Him not as slaves only, though the example is used, but also as sons and daughters, as servants and ambassadors, and as friends. Because of whose we are, we can take comfort in knowing that He takes a special interest in our lives.


The message was to bring comfort and peace to the people of God. The word “comfort” was used twice to emphasize the depth of His peace. Here is the peace that will come through a Redeemer that will heal the deepest wounds of our souls. This message was given in the darkest time of Israel’s history. They had rebelled against God for decades, rejecting all calls to repentance, and this led them eventually to captivity in Babylon. The message was tailored for hearts of those who knew that they deserved their punishment, but found grace instead.


The results or consequences of our sinful choices are not atoning punishments for our sins. The only effective payment for the sin of the world is the blood of Christ. But having received Him as Savior we now have His righteousness as a covering for our sins. He speaks the words of comfort in the ears of our spirits, that we are cleansed, restored, and that He is our Shepherd, our Provider, our Defender, and our Strengthener.


If you are in the dust just now, if you feel that the light has gone out of the world, I have good news: the morning is coming! Put your hope in God. If you have trusted in Christ He owns you and you are His forever.




Lord, give us strength for this day to rise from the dust, to shake off the world from our souls, and to follow You where You lead. Amen.



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