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Heal Our Hurts

July 21st, 2011

…To another gifts of healings by the one Spirit…

1 Corinthians 12:9


God touches us in this life by His Spirit to bring healing and wholeness. Each of us has felt the sting of sin in some manner. Directly and indirectly, we have been hurt by the disobedience of the human race since the original sin of Adam and Eve. Sin has gone both underground and above ground through the millennia. Sometimes we can trace back the influences and the acts to certain individuals and specific decisions and actions they took. But even then there is a great unknown to us about the way sin spread through individuals from the beginning until now. All we really know is that sin and pain happen in this world and we need God to touch us.


The Holy Spirit gifts people to bring healing to others. From the biblical perspective healing means wholeness, and not just to recover from one certain illness. I believe God heals physically, when it suits His purposes, but always our greater needs are in the area of emotional pain and spiritual problems. God heals the emotions like He heals our bodies. As a pastor and as a Christian I have observed that often those who are most enthusiastic about physical healing have a much greater need for spiritual and emotional healing – pent up anger and fear hold them hostage.


For examples:


A certain man is mastered by his anger. His father was angry at him and gave him the example of being angry at the world. His quick temper has lost him opportunities in life. He is quick to criticize, to judge, to condemn, and this attitude has kept him from promotions. Now he is bitter because his prospects in life are so bleak. He needs to take those problems to the cross and leave them there. He needs someone who the Spirit enables to come alongside him to help him receive and share the forgiveness and cleansing of the Spirit.


A certain woman is mastered by her fear. She grew up in a family that always worried about everything, but never confidently faced their challenges, and it affected her sensitive heart. She is always afraid of the future, fearful of making a mistake. She frets and worries and lives somewhat in a fantasy world. She needs someone to come alongside her to encourage her, to challenge her to trust God, and to walk along beside her as she applies the faith.


One of our fundamental needs for God to heal us emotionally is for us to learn to let go of past grievances, to look tragedy and betrayals in the face, even our own failures, and to leave them at the foot of the cross. This applies to all our personal pains, and is accomplished in prayer as we meditate on Christ and allow the Spirit to touch the deepest parts of our soul. Presence is often the tool God uses to bring healing – His presence and the presence of others filled with His Spirit and gifted to bring healing. We need to learn to be in His presence, in fellowship and praise and worship. This is an essential aspect of prayer, not just to speak to God but also to listen to Him and to simply be with Him.


The Spirit ministers to our hearts to bring the inner healing we need. He uses others in the process who will teach and encourage and be with us. The ministry of presence is a powerful tool for God to use in the lives of those who need inner healing. Inward healing normally takes time, and though some victories are quickly accomplished by God, others take decades. But we have a Savior who promises to be with us for eternity. When the scars of our souls seem to be too much, when pain and shame and anger and fear seem to dominate our minds, we have a Savior to whom we can go who heals inwardly by His Spirit. Bring not just your hurts but your very soul to Him and He will make you whole.




Lord, heal our hurts and wounds. Bring wholeness and life to our hearts. Let us rejoice in Your presence as You minister to our souls. Amen.



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