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Standing in Integrity

July 11th, 2013

For your name’s sake, Lord, preserve my life; in your righteousness, bring me out of trouble.

Psalm 143:11

David’s deep faith in God reveals itself here. Troubles were all around him, threatening his reign, destroying his family, threatening to destroy his legacy. Yet to him the central issue was the will and reputation of the Lord. He made his appeal not on any selfish foundation, but on what would bring glory to God.

It is hard in the midst or trouble to act outside of our own self-interest, or what we perceive to be such. We often become more focused on what we want, and doubt toward God’s intentions for us seeps into the deepest recesses of our hearts. We are apt to take our lives out of His hands and just seek for what is in it for us. But David’s example is one of extreme devotion and maturity. The way forward was singular for Him, that his life must count for God, if it counted at all.

Great peace protect our hearts when we settle this matter within, that the thrust of our lives must be upward, toward God and for His name’s sake. We are called and claimed for the purpose of knowing God and sharing His love in this world. If His glory may be more displayed through our suffering than through our peace, then so be it. This is integrity, to be entirely committed to the cause of God and trust Him to watch after our own interests.

The exit from David’s trouble was through the righteousness of God, not through the sinfulness of man. We are tempted in trouble to resort to dishonest and underhanded means to take care of matters. “If they do this to me, then I will treat them the same way,” is what we often say in our hearts. But that does not lead to the glory of God, nor does it lead our hearts or our lives out of trouble. It just thickens the moral mire about us and within us.

Our integrity is tested in our troubles. The example here is to pray for deliverance, yet it is not deliverance that our sinful hearts would imagine, with our enemies slain beneath us, and with us appearing to be the victor over all who oppose us. That is an image from the sinful nature within our hearts. The image of the Holy Spirit’s idea of what victory would look like is one in which God is victorious over all who oppose Him, and we are rescued only on the basis that we are committed to His glory and to His plan.

Pray for the help of God in your life. Do not hesitate to do so, for our needs should naturally lead us to seek the aid of our Heavenly Father. God would not use such terms for Him as Father, Shepherd, Deliverer if He did not intend to act as such. But keep first matters first. Seek deliverance for His glory, not your own, and entrust your soul into His hands. Seek first spiritual and moral deliverance in your soul from the moral pollution in the world. Deliverance from the sinfulness of this world is always the most importance deliverance. It is better to die a moral person, to die in your own integrity, and there is much more inner peace in doing so, than to overcome so-called human enemies in a sinful and unrighteous manner. We wrestle not against flesh and blood…

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