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God’s Investment in Us

July 31st, 2013

Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.

James 5:20

It is easy for us to slip into a withdrawn attitude in our Christian life, focusing on fellowship with God but neglecting to become engaged in the world. God invests in us through His truth, by His Spirit, and in His love, and He does so with the expectation that we will be made useful for His work.

We can measure our Christian devotion by the hours we spend in personal study, devotional reading, prayer, private worship, and meditation. All of these are important, and more than important, they are the bedrock of our personal spiritual maturity. Yet these are God’s investments in us that we might be useful to Him for His work as well.

Without this realization, without this tension that pulls us from being completely satisfied with our personal and private faith experience, we might languish in relative uselessness. We would be like a race car stored away in a garage somewhere, safe, clean, beautiful, but rusting out on the inside. We might look impressive to ourselves and to a few others, but God calls us to get out of our own private world and make a difference somewhere for Him.

I personally find that when I am withdrawn from others, I become proud, judgmental, critical, and self-conceited. But, when I get involved in the lives of others, though I am often humbled by my own cultural missteps, I more realistically can see myself and my world. The only ones who have all the answers to the world’s problems are those who have never been engaged in a conversation with the world about what troubles them.

But even if we do have solutions for what troubles people – and I do believe we have the answer in Christ for sin and guilt, for spiritual death and life, for meaninglessness and purposefulness in life – it would still do not one any good unless we told them. Love that gently comes alongside those who need the grace, mercy, healing, and hope of Christ, that graciously turns them from going the wrong way to going the right way, that love that reaches out to another in kindness, can be God’s instrument to turn someone from death to life.

Salt is no good to anyone if it only remains in the saltshaker. It needs to get out to make a difference. God has invested in us that He might use us. How does God desire to use you? Who has He placed on your heart?

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