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October 15th, 2018

You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”? (Isaiah 29:16)

We live in the day of instant success, technological advancement, and stellar marketing. And, I fear, the whole world seems to be in danger of developing very shallow souls – not just lostness, which is an eternal tragedy, but also shallowness that leads to social tragedies.

Our response should be to simply put ourselves in God’s hands and let Him develop us, to not be in such a rush for attention or “success” but instead to let the Lord develop in us the passions He desires we should have, and then move on to the things we are to do with these passions.

Passion, projects, and the positions is the order which is the healthiest and the best for long term fulfillment, and, thereby, more meaningful success. But instead, now we have reversed these things to seek positions and recognition first, and then look around for projects we can achieve, and only afterwards consider the true passions of our souls. No wonder there is such burnout in lives today. Burnout thrives in society – Christian or secular – when the human heart is left out of the developmental process.

I believe this is what God is seeking to do in our lives – to develop our hearts first. He is the Potter and we are the clay, and we need to be molded and re-made by Him. There is a reality to being clay, that we need to put ourselves continually into His hands to let Him shape our hearts.

Clay doesn’t have a will. Clay doesn’t expect, presume, or worry. Clay doesn’t resist or fight. Clay doesn’t have an agenda or a script. Clay has two simple jobs – sit still and stay soft. (Cary Schmidt, Off Script)

In our rush to find success – the kind of instant success we imagine comes with the modern talent shows – we find that often true talent is by-passed, and along with it experience and a deepening of skills and desires, as well as a tragic disrespect for the abilities of others.

Much better a singer who has learned to sing in a choir, to hit the right notes, to blend the right way, to listen to the other voices, and then become someone who can feel the music and love it – much better, in other words, a true musician, than someone who on the basis of a few auditions or a few recordings, backed up by “auto-tune” devices, suddenly experiences stardom – who learns only to love fame and fortune.

So, how do we experience the molding hand of God? We, as Cary Schmidt said, need to sit still before the Lord and stay soft in His hands. We need to spend time in His Word and in speaking with Him and in listening to Him. We need to let God mold our hearts, our thoughts, our values, our habits. We then should serve God in humble ways, until there develops in us a passion for something that is bigger than our egos. We need to listen to others who have served Him longer, and take their advice seriously. We can then let God lead us into the lives and the needs around us, putting all that we have to work for God.

And then we continually repeat the process – seeking to remain still and soft before the Master Potter. One of the ways we can check, and others can also, on whether we are soft and still is how quickly we get jealous over someone else’s seeming success. Do we respect the abilities of others? Can we recognize the hand of God upon another life, without being overwhelmed by jealousy and envy? The Master Potter has more than one vessel He is shaping upon His wheel. What He does in another life or through another life does not threaten what He is doing or will do through us.

Quick success can be a blessing – that is true – but more often than not it tends to be a curse. So thank God that He has kept you on His potter’s wheel. Stay still and soft before Him and let Him do His work.



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