But he knows the way that I take. (Job 23:10)

I just finished enjoying a great visit with my eldest son and his family. We had a great time seeing southern Germany, Strasbourg, France, and the Swiss Alps. But more than the sights, we enjoyed spending time with them.

After we dropped them off at the airport in Zürich, my wife and I stopped for breakfast and a time of reflection. We missed them the moment they got out of the car and went into the airport. But we both took a few moments of just thinking and reflecting on all that we had gone through together.

Our oldest son is almost forty, and he was born in the USA, then we moved overseas when he was one year old and became missionaries to the Philippines. His earliest memories are all in that country, growing up in rural Mindanao, then Leyte, and then Metro Manila. But we also lived in the USA for several years and then back to southeast Asia in Singapore, where he finished high school. And now he is professionally established with his own teenage daughter.

As his father I remember things we did together, that are very precious memories to me, but that he does not remember because he was too young. But each step of his journey in life I have held him in my heart and when possible have been there beside him.

I believe this is something like what the Lord thinks of us as our heavenly Father. He knows each step we have taken in life, and He has held us in His heart each day of our lives – even from the foundation of the world. Things that we cannot remember are always fresh memories to Him. He knows the ways we have taken, each road we have walked down, where we have been and who we were there with, our challenges, our blessings, our moments of growth.

J. Oswald Sanders wrote:

We may be willing to admit that life as a whole is subject to the overruling providence of God, but hesitate to believe that every detail of life is the object of His loving concern. Yet our Lord asserted this to be the case. Even the sparrow did not fall to the ground without His Father’s knowledge. The circumstances of the Christian’s life are ordained of God. There is no such thing as chance. Love refuses to believe that God is not interested in every detail of life … He will not cease His supervision for a moment. (Spiritual Maturity, p. 11.)

These are good thoughts to consider, that the Lord knows our ways, even the ones we can’t remember, and He is there with us whether we are thinking of Him or not. He always has us on His mind.

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