Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 1:3)

Your potential in life is directly linked to the call of God. We may live our lives and seek our directions and energy out of the earthly reservoirs of human personality and creativity, or we may live our lives drawing from the endless reservoirs of God.┬áIf we draw from God’s reservoirs then we have endless potential.

Either way, the right and means to draw upon the ideas and creativity of God or man comes to us not by choice but by our own birthright. Perspective has tremendous power to determine our direction and our potential.

Our Birthrights

You and I know what it is to live as people because we were born into human society, and grew up in this world. We each have a human birthright. As human beings we may choose to heed the worst things that other humans have said about us directly, or we may choose to live by the skepticism and negativism about life in general, that is about us indirectly. Or we may choose the best and most positive things that humanity has ever sought to dream of or achieve – whether they are said about us directly or merely indirectly suggested. That choice is ours by virtue of our natural birth.

But to those who are born again by the Gospel and through the Spirit, they have another birthright – the birthright of the child of God. And whether these possible future are said directly about us, as believers have seen some particular divine potential in us, or indirectly as we have read the Word of God and what it says about Christians in general, these are our spiritual birthrights. We may measure up by the power of God to fulfill His plan for us and our destiny in Him.

The Difference of Perspective

I recall an old story of three workmen constructing a building that illustrates the point. A man came up to one worker and asked him, “What are you making?”

He said, “I’m making $10.00 an hour.”

He asked another worker, “What are you making?”

He said, “I’m pouring cement and making a wall for some building.”

He asked a third worker, “What are you making?”

He said, “I am making a great church building where people will come and hear the gospel and worship God, where lives will be changed, marriages will be made healthier, hearts will be healed, and missionaries will be sent out, and the whole world will be touched.”

Where is your perspective for your life? Which of these three workers do you more readily identify with? Are you just getting by, eking out a living on this earth? Or is your understanding of your life linked only to the human perspective? Some human goals – such as supporting your family and raising children – are decent and responsible things to do. But if we do not see beyond them, if we cannot understand the spiritual aspect of life, then we will never understand or aspire to fulfill our true potential.

God’s Calling

Paul began his letter to the Ephesians making sure that they grasped the truth that the first to dream and aspire about their potential in life was God Himself. He began in the heavenly realms planning about what we could become in Christ. He was not content to let humanity just continue living a mere physical and material existence, rather He redeemed us from sin and called us to a high purpose of knowing Christ and serving Him.

Regardless of how much of this world’s goods we have, we will never find our true potential among them – not among power, possessions, or popularity. Nor will we find satisfaction there. It is the spiritual realm that God aspires for us. There is where He dreams of what we can become, and that is the highest calling of life – the calling of God. This is why worship, prayer, and service to Christ are so important to believers – for their we find we are feeding the true spiritual ambitions that Christ has inserted into our souls in the new birth.

When we understand and embrace God’s calling for us to know Him through Christ, then everything else about us falls into place. Our job, our family, our relationships, our lives can then become means to live out our higher calling in Christ. As Christ said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you as well” (Matt. 6:33).

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